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Established in 2010, and based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu - India, we are definitely a trendsetter of Fresh Milk Coffee Vending Machine, which we manufacture and offer with our own Brand Name. We have established ourselves as a Leading Service Provider with esteemed clientele, through excellent service and innovative quality. We have been and will be serving most of corporate and industrial sectors, inclusion of IT Companies, Manufacturing Industries, Hospitals, Colleges etc. We are also an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Beverage Products

  • Fresh Milk filter coffee vending machine
  • Kumbakonam filter coffee maker
  • Filter Coffee High speed Vending machine
  • Live Coffee and Tea vending machine
  • Fresh milk Filter Coffee Vending on hire
  • Filter coffee vending machine for IT companies
  • Freshly brewed tea vending machine
  • Coffee vending machine with fresh milk for corporate

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